Hatred and the Axe

Chapter 1 The Head Taker
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The Chapter 1 play thread can be found at this link.

The Chapter begins with the following Beliefs and Insticts on the table:

While digging through the blood and bones of the fallen elves, I discovered a wood and crystal bird, beautiful beyond anything I’ve seen. It fills me with bile and shit, and yet I have kept it safe. I wish to find another.

My axe takes the heads of cowards and fools for Morgurth. If I carry out his will he will reward me with one sharper, blacker, more terrible. One that I deserve.

Trolls are idiots and dullards, the lot of them. The Warlord’s head is full of stones. I will outwit him and cart his head back to Morgurth in a wheelbarrow.

Always keep my axe in my hand.

Always keep the carved wooden bird wrapped safe and out of harm’s way.

To all of equal or lesser rank, always answer an insult with a threat, and a threat with blood.


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